Monday, July 18, 2011

The Coldest Photo in July

And possibly the coldest photo I've ever taken.

From inside the storage freezer at the Velvet Ice Cream Company in Utica, Ohio. It's kept at a tropical -20 at all times. Several employees spend their day packing up various ice cream orders and loading them onto trucks. Due to the conditions, the company is obligated to offer them hourly breaks, but most of the workers don't take them. They say constantly having to re-acclimate is worse than just staying in the freezer all day.

Being that the temperature was in the low 90s today, I was in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt going into the freezer. I didn't last long, and my battery drained about 25% during my 5-minute shoot.

(*Colors are looking a little weird in blogger for these*)

Photo © Jason Lenhart

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