Monday, August 29, 2011

Bridge Over Calm Waters

Getting told "We need cover art for tomorrow's paper" is always fun.

Fortunately I knew this bike path bridge had recently reopened. So, instead of a 'featurey' shot for the front that you may or may not stumble across, I got something a little more tame with a splash of newsworthiness.

A lone biker crosses the newly renovated bridge along the T.J. Evans bike path near Cherry Valley Road on Monday. The bridge was closed for roughly two months, forcing pedestrians and cyclist to detour down Cherry Valley Road. Jason Lenhart/The Advocate

Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's that time of year!


Every Friday night from now till the end of all eternity.

Watkins Memorial defeats Licking Heights 51-21 in the annual Battle for Broad Street.

Full gallery at the

Watkins Memorial junior Brenden Kemp stiff arms Licking Heights senior Cameron Tennyson during the annual Battle for Broad Street on Friday at Watkins Memorial High School. Watkins defeated Heights 51 to 21. Jason Lenhart/The Advocate

Watkins Memorial senior Evan Din narrowly misses intercepting a pass intended for Licking Heights senior Jeff Smith in the annual Battle for Broad Street on Friday at Watkins Memorial. Watkins defeated Heights 51 to 21. Jason Lenhart/The Advocate

Photo © Jason Lenhart

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dog Paddle

I love it when pictures basically make themselves.

Full Gallery at the Newark

Molly Moo, a 2 year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, nabs a tennis ball in the Heath City Water Park on Sunday during the first annual Licking County Dog Paddle. Molly, a rescued stray turned Angel Paws Therapy Dog, was one of several hundred dogs that attended the open event. The Heath City Water Park opened half the park to the event on their last day of operation for the season. Both the Lazy River and Water Gym were packed with dogs, large and small, finally getting to enjoy what their owners have all summer. Jason Lenhart/The Advocate

Sara Erwin of Reynoldsburg watches as Belle, a 4-year-old Weimaraner, lunges into the lazy river at the Heath City Water Park for the first annual Licking County Dog Paddle on Sunday. Belle was one of several hundred dogs that attended the open event. Jason Lenhart/The Advocate

A Dachshund sits on the edge of a floating raft, not able to touch in the 2 foot pool, during the 1st annual Licking County Dog Paddle at the Heath City Pool. Jason Lenhart/The Advocate

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Not the aperture, but the plane!

Whenever an assignment lets me climb on things not normally climbed upon, it's a good day. Throw in some nice setting sunlight and it's hard not to make a good picture.

Norman Green works on lettering to be painted on the tail of a restored F4 Phantom on Wednesday at the Newark Heath Airport. With the help of several volunteers, the plane has been cleaned and painted in traditional camo, with more detailed painting work coming soon. Jason Lenhart/The Advocate

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Hartford Independent Fair

The Hartford Independent Fair has been dubbed the "The Biggest Little Fair in the World". It's not technically a county fair since it's not sponsored by the county or any government body, but to everybody in the county and beyond, it's a pretty big deal. Big enough that the fair has become a noun. Simple called 'Fair', which kinda confused me at first. When talking to people, they weren't getting ready for THE fair, they were simple getting ready for FAIR. Not THE fair, just FAIR. Get it? Me neither.

Anyway, I've been away from blogging for a bit because I basically lived at, *ahem*, Fair. Three days of feature hunting and then covering the main grandstand event each of the three nights. I'm putting up a couple of my favorites from the three days here, but go ahead and check out the full galleries -

Tuesday Fair Photos

Wednesday Fair Photos

Thursday Fair Photos

Olivia Bettet, 16, of Licking Valley, sneaks a nap in with her Jersey Cows on Tuesday at the Hartford Fair. The Hartford fair is open all this week with daily and nightly events. Jason Lenhart/The Advocate

Granville resident Dan Parkinson pushes Bombardeere down the track on Tuesday in the Truck and Tractor Pull at the Hartford Fair. Jason Lenhart/The Advocate

Hartford Independent Fair Booths. Jason Lenhart/The Advocate

Kaleigh Warner, 6, adjust her ribbons that hang over her award winning cattle on Thursday at the Hartford Independent Fair in Croton. Jason Lenhart/The Advocate

Jason Lenhart/The Advocate

Photos © Jason Lenhart

Monday, August 1, 2011

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practices are a great way to practice...

If you have a local small-town football team, no doubt they are incredibly important to the community. However, given the fact that they AREN'T the best in the world and they ARE still in high school, you can usually get away with really getting in the action during a practice. It's a great way to get comfortable shooting football and learn about the game. Slap the 17-35 on and get close enough to smell the action (literally). Doesn't hurt to clear it with the coach, either - Just let him know it's OK for him to yell at you too if you get in the way. Just pay attention to the action while you're out there. They may still be in high school, but there are some big boys out there who could ruin your day on accident.

Sophomore starting quarterback Grant Russell dictates the next play to his teammates during the first Newark High School football practice of the season at Evans Athletic Complex on Monday. Jason Lenhart/The Advocate

Defensive and offensive linemen run drills during the first Newark High School football practice of the season at Evans Athletic Complex on Monday. Jason Lenhart/The Advocate

Don't forget the details either.

Photos © Jason Lenhart