Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Not the aperture, but the plane!

Whenever an assignment lets me climb on things not normally climbed upon, it's a good day. Throw in some nice setting sunlight and it's hard not to make a good picture.

Norman Green works on lettering to be painted on the tail of a restored F4 Phantom on Wednesday at the Newark Heath Airport. With the help of several volunteers, the plane has been cleaned and painted in traditional camo, with more detailed painting work coming soon. Jason Lenhart/The Advocate

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Big Green said...

Jason....He scared the hell out of me that day. No one to date had bothered to climb on the plane while I was working it. Here I am working on this plane 12ft up on a sloped surface and I turned around and Jason had the camera in my face. After I recovered....I thought sure...way not, he is young and able and not afraid of heights. That was very cool. Oh and I doubt we are ever going to get to do that again for a long time to come.