Sunday, April 18, 2010

A dog, a farrier, and some light

Just an outtake from my final picture story. I'll post more details about the story when I find the time, but I just thought I post this. He's not my story, but I like the photo.

Photo © Jason Lenhart

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Missouri vs. Texas Tech Softball

We had a lot of sports assignments this week at the paper and not enough photographers to cover them all. That gave me the opportunity to go out and shoot some softball at University Field. Missouri Tigers vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders. Missouri won 3-1.

Photo © Jason Lenhart

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Trevor Zoo and Misc.

When I went home for spring break at the end of May, my sister asked me to help her with her Nikon D40. We were originally going to go to Innisfree park - a beautiful "150-acre public garden in which the ancient art of Chinese landscape design has been reinterpreted to create, without recourse to imitation, a unique American garden." The park wasn't open for the season yet, so we went back to the Trevor Zoo. I posted some photos from here before, but in case you missed that, the Trevor Zoo is the only high school owned and operated AZA zoo in the United States. They even house a few endangered species. I also pulled two other miscellaneous photos that I took over break.

Something about this image made me put it up. I have no idea. I can't decided if I like it
because it is just really weird/bad/awkward or what, but there is
something there that fires a few synapses in my brain. Who knows.

Photos © Jason Lenhart