Tuesday, March 9, 2010

For the Love of Canoes, pt.1

This is a character profile that I'm working on for my picture story class.

Say hello to Charlie Lockwood - a local Columbia canoe enthusiast.

As of right now, Charlie's main business is furniture restoration and repair. It pays the bills he says, but his passion lies in the cluttered wood shop that he built himself.

Charlie began building canoes and canoe paddles out of necessity. Having a family establishes some financial priorities, and buying a canoe is not one of them. As a man who loves working with his hands and solving his own problems, building one seemed like the next logical step.

I have at least three more shoots scheduled with Charlie. He will be doing some instruction with a pair of female races this weekend. Next weekend is a short race, designed for all ages and skill levels that Charlie is overseeing. I'll post again after those shoots are done.

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