Monday, February 22, 2010

1 Day Story; Lesson Learned

First, I had a blast shooting this story. They were a great group of guys and were totally cool with having me shadow them during the competition. Everything they did that night was for a great cause and they raised a boatload of money.

Second, I learned, or relearned, a simple lesson - Think before you click.

My professor limited us to 300 frames. I shot roughly 1000. What happens when you shoot 1000 frames for a 1 day story? You get a parking lot. What happens when you get a parking lot? You can't put together a coherent story very easily. Now, I hadn't shot anything serious for like a month, so that was working against me. I've also had my head stuck in multimedia mode, which made my editing process a little skewed. Multimedia needs fluid transitions with multiple images and a more in depth picture-by-picture narrative. A photo story (5 photos for this assignment) can be lacking in the transition department. You tell a story in less photos than a multimedia piece. THAT was, and still is, my hurdle right now. I have gone through the take several times and still can't seem to pull the story. Hopefully I'll be reediting with Rita Reed sometime this week to try and unearth a better story than the one I submitted. The 7 photos below are the 7 I printed for the story.

Photos © Jason Lenhart

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