Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fire Training

This has been my favorite assignment this semester so far. It got to attend a joint "man down" training exercise with Boone County and City of Columbia fire departments. They worked through several different scenarios and I got to be there with them for each one. A reporter was there to gather audio and it went up as a soundslides online. I've posted my favorites.
It was definitely the most challenging assignment as well. The building was pitch black so everything is lit with a strobe as well as blending with the ambient rays of light. I was nervous that I wouldn't be getting stuff cause my strobe skills are still in the works, but everything seemed to work out great and I had a blast doing it.

Photos © Jason Lenhart


photophanatic1887 said...

I would comment on how much I like the first photograph, but you never comment on my blog, so I'm going to refrain from saying a word.

jimmi said...

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