Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ghetto Gear (But not really)

So during a lecture on gear at Sports Shooter Academy, we learned a neat, cheap way to make a floor plate. That is, a device that will hold a remote camera on a level surface. To buy a new floor plate can run you damn near $100, but, with the help of Ron Tanawaki, I made one for around $12 (not including the ball head which is around $60). Not too bad. If I can get a pair of Pocket Wizards and the cable for my D70s, I plan on remoting my sister's graduation. We'll see. 
Photo © Jason Lenhart

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Matt Cavanah said...

Haha, I have the wheel plate Ron gave me at SSA stashed in my closet. I need another job in order to start capitalizing on you know, buying a second camera and all that.