Monday, October 27, 2008

Single Flash

Ok, so flash isn't very pretty for the most part, especially when you've never really worked with one before. For this assignment, we were to go out into the world (right as we got comfy in the studio) and shoot some real "journalistic" stuff. I still struggle coming up with my own things to shoot. It's a skill I have yet to fully develop I guess. Anyway, the assignment was simple. One take shooting an off-camera flash directly at your subject, and one take shooting the much better looking bounce flash. This first shot is a man by the name of Alan Young. He works over at the repair center of Joes Machens Toyota, where I bought my Corolla. He's been chugging away at vehicle repair for 28 years now. This is my attempt to blind Alan.

Photo © Jason Lenhart

Ugh, not so pretty eh? Yea, direct flash has that effect. The next photo is bounce flash. Moral of the story... use bounce flash, it's a lot nicer and you're less likely to blind people. This is the hilarious "Comedy Wars" Improve group that performs every wednesday in Memorial Union. I highly recommend them to beat the "hump day" blues.

Photo © Jason Lenhart

That's single flash. Come back next week to see my sad attempt at color correcting for flash with gels. So far so fail.

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