Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No Bull

So I wanted to do a shoot with some Texas Longhorn cattle, and since we run covers, featuring teams, on our football weeklies, I asked sports to find me an offensive line we could feature.

Meet high school seniors Sam Filous and Brandon Hollis, offensive linemen for Johnstown High School.

Also, meet Kilometer. 1700 pounds of raw Texas Longhorn.

My goal in the photo was to give the impression of raw power and strength. I don't know if that worked or not, but it was a great experience regardless of the photographic success. Ed Callan, the owner of Callan Cattle Co. was a huge help. He and I met before, to discuss the feasibility of the shoot. Once Brandon and Sam arrived, Ed gave us all a great safety speech, and made control of the situation his top priority. At no time did I ever feel like the situation was out of control or dangerous.

Aside from Brandon's mouth guard, which was chomped on by another cattle while we shot, everything went incredibly smooth.

Photos © Jason Lenhart

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