Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Didn't Hear Any Banjos

The Licking River Roundup is back. It's an all-day event where anybody in the community is encouraged to come out and help clean up the Licking River. The event is Saturday (which I'm also shooting) but today was the preview day. Dignitaries from around Licking County, as well as media, were invited to come canoe the section of the river that will be cleaned. It gave us a nice look at the current levels of trash and the need for the project.

Mayoral candidate Jeff Hall and Soil and Water intern Sarah Williams paddle past the part of an abandoned tikes toy along the licking river on Wednesday during the River Roundup preview. Jason Lenhart/The Advocate

Several Licking County dignitaries investigate an abandoned boat during Wednesday's River Roundup preview in the Licking River. The River Roundup strives to clean up the river, taking place this Saturday at Everett Park; volunteers are welcome. Jason Lenhart/The Advocate

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