Friday, December 4, 2009

Computer Issues

Ok, so according to 3rd party program "iStat" the reason my computer has been randomly shutting itself off on me is because it likes to run up to just under 250 degrees. When it gets there, the heat sensors probably initiate the emergency shut off. The thing is, according to iStat, it can fluctuate 100 degrees in a matter of seconds...... heat sensor broken maybe? Who knows, I can manage. However, while trying to export the large version of my Final Cut video, it kept running hot and turning off. Not good. Computer isn't under warranty and there are no *true* apple stores in Columbia.


Photo © Jason Lenhart
Dilemma Solved.

Taken with my phone, too.


Becca said...

This is the most ghetto awesome thing I've ever seen.

Kevin A. Roberts said...

If you download a fan controller app ( ), you can manually adjust the fans. In your case you would need to set the "Base Speed" as high up as possible. Could be a quick fix until you can get to a Mac store.

frankthetank2688 said...

LMAO HAHAHAHHA you that broccoli??