Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blog Fail #1

WOW. Ok, so I'm not dead. I promise. I know August was my last post, and it is now October. Yes, I fail. However, not to make excuses or anything, but I've been a little busy, as you'll see. Between the Missourian (which is awesome), a 3000 level and 4000 level philosophy class (I've never taken a philosophy class before), work (for $), and life, my blog kind of got pushed under the carpet. If I were to make several posts to highlight each assignment that i've done, many would get lost. So what I decided to do was post a link to my profile page on the Missourian's website. Here, you can find all my online-published work. I know, it's a lot, I'm sorry. I will make a conscious effort to update more often.

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photophanatic1887 said...

Keep up Jay!

Post some remote pictures... please?!