Monday, December 1, 2008

Audio Slideshow

Photographer Robbie Cooper has just put out a very interesting video piece for the New York Times. You can check it out here.
I think this piece is a very different piece than we normally see. It sorta comes off the controversial CPOY winner, kids with guns. It's just another way to present an issue. Kids with Guns looked at the gun culture in america, this piece looks at our video game culture. Both present it in a very unique way. Cooper used a "red camera", a super hi resolution camera, and was able to make some amazing emotional portraits from frame graphs. I think it does a great job at looking at a different aspect of what is a largely discussed issue, and that is video games in society. Most times, it is debating whether or not they are violent, or lead to violent tendencies among kids. Cooper shows us just how focused and involved kids can be with video games and stays away from the violent debate.

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