Friday, September 3, 2010


I apologize for getting these up on my blog so late. Got bogged down with finding a job, and have posted many to Facebook, if you haven't already seen.

My sister and I had an amazing time vacationing in Australia. It was a beautiful place and we got to experience a lot of new things. A special thanks to our friends Chelsea Sektnan and John Schreiber for giving us a place to stay for two weeks. Without them, this trip would not have been possible.

Crabs on Rottnest Island.

There were many shipwrecks surrounding the coast of Rottnest Island.

Quokkas are the main attraction on Rottnest. Small marsupials that are rarely found on the mainland.

My sister violated the "do not touch since everything is deadly" policy of our trip rather often.

We stayed only a few blocks from the shore, where surfers, body boarders, kite boarders, and brave swimmers were often seen. The water stayed in the low 60 degrees Fahrenheit (High teens in celsius).

Feeding Kangaroos at a the Cohunu Koala Park in Byford, WA.

A dingo at the same park.

A native parrots.

A young Koala at Cohunu.

John Schrieber and I 40 meters (~130 feet) into the canopy of ancient tingle trees at the Valley of the Giants tree-top walk in Denmark, WA.

Along the coast, near Denmark, WA.

My 19-year old sister enjoying a legal beverage on her birthday in Albany, WA.

All photos © Jason Lenhart